Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tech Kids Review - Neopets

Many of you have heard of Webkinz but NeoPets is claimed by the older crowd (8-14) to have "so much more." 12-year-old NeoPet guru (SS) shared her tricks and tidbits about one of her favorite games. (Read her review of PiratesOnline which is her other favorite online game.)

If you would like to introduce the game to a child you can purchase the gift cards at Toy-R-Us and these other participating retailers. (pictured above)

30daysof: What is the name of the website/game/device you reviewed?

SS: Neopets

30daysof: How did you learn about it?  Who told you?

SS: I found out from some friends.

30daysof:  What ages do you think are best suited to play this game/website/device?  What abilities or devices are needed?

SS: It's PERFECT for all ages. There's games and places to explore, and you can buy stuffed animals in real life then type in a code online for a REALLY COOL PRIZE. You need a computer with online access.

30daysof:  How many hours a day do you spend with the game/website/device?

SS: I play at night for one or two hours. It's a fun way to calm down and relax after a long and tiring day.

30daysof:  Do your parents set rules for you such as: chores first, then games:  or only 1 hour a day; or no rules, I have all the control!

SS: After chores and homework, they let me play till bedtime on school nights. On weekends I get an extra hour to play.


30daysof: What is your favorite part of the game/website/device?  Which part do you play most often?

SS: I love the game Wingoball. You have to strategize where the ball is going to go. I also love roaming around Tyrannia and listening to concerts there. 

30daysof: Please give a secret tip or hint that you want other friends to know about the game/website?  For instance: how do you get to a certain level, find a gem, kill a bad guy, earn extra money?

SS: Hint 1.  If you need something for a Farie Quest then run over to the auctions and you can get it really cheap. Hint 2. If you go to Tyrannia in the morning and buy your ticket for the concert then you can hang onto it all day and watch the concert whenever you want.

30daysof: Why do you like this game/website/device better than the others?

SS: There is SO much to do: shopping, going to the hotel, taking care of your pet and its "petpet", donating to the Money Tree, visiting fun places, completing Farie Quests, battling in the arena, collecting seashells or fishing in Maraqua, getting healed with farie magic in Farieland, and buying spooky foods in Deserted Fairgrounds.

30daysof: Write one sentence about this game/website/device that would make others buy it!  

SS: With SO much to do, the fun NEVER ends in Neopets.

30daysof:  How could they improve this game/website/device and make it even better! 

SS: If you could see the pets moving around instead of pretending your the pet.


  1. Is this game free or do you have to pay a monthly charge? How much are the pets and where do you get them?

    And for listening to a it real music by industry professionals or is it pretend NeoPet music?

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