Sunday, August 23, 2009

Woodstock Party Theme

This year is the 40th anniversary of Woodstock.  Friends of ours planned a party to celebrate this significant part of our history.  Here are the details to plan your own Woodstock Party.

1. Attire - Tie dye shirts, peace signs and straightened hair adorned with headbands seemed to be the most popular dress worn by women and men.  Large sunglasses, tattoos, flip flops and a joint accessorized many of the outfits.

2.  Food - It was a potluck and everyone brought dishes reminescent of the time.  Some of the dishes included : Ambrosia Salad, Bologna and cheese sandwiches, PB&J Sandwiches with the peace sign drawn on the bread, little smokies, Fondue,
Tuna Casserole, Jello, Mac and Cheese Casserole, and of course...Hash Brownies. Luckily no one brought any SPAM.

3. Decor - The host downloaded all the songs played at the Woodstock Festival which served as the main decor for the evening.  Then they hung posters and peace signs, and placed incense burners throughout the party.  The shade screens (pictured above) were placed over the grass area with blankets and lawn chairs and hand written notes were stuck to the walls throughout the home with various messages such as: SUSAN - meet me here Saturday - 3 - 7.  

This was a Groovy theme that is easy to plan for adult and KIDS (minus the hash brownies and joints of course). For entertainment, I think a game of musical chairs could be played as well as some karaoke of the classic songs.


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