Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fear Factor Party


The show Fear Factor intrigues me.  The fact that mind over matter always prevails led me to throw a Fear Factor Party of my own.   The guest list consisted of 12 couples who were each given the same rules.  No other details of the event were shared to prevent any pre-practicing.  Once the guests arrived, they provided their team name, picked their color of bandana, and decorated each others faces with war paint. 

The entry fee was a pitcher of their favorite mixed drink in which they received 10 points, but lost 25 points if they came empty handed.  They also lost 1 point for every minute they were late. We created 4 main events: You're such a baby, It's Hammertime, Eat it!, and Rock On! 

"You're such a baby" details - Get 12 baby bottles and fill with a drink.  We chose beer.  Make sure to get the nipples with heavy flow. All participants must wear a bib. Once the person is finished with the bottle, their partner must eat a whole jar of baby food.  If the couple finishes each task, they each get 12 pts.  Team who finishes first, receives a bonus of 10 pts.

"It's Hammertime" details - Set up two "sawhorse" stations so guests can hit nails into wood. We stacked bricks and laid one heavy piece of wood across.  First the woman hit the three nails in.  Her partner could not start until she finished.  The fastest time received 12 points, 2nd place received 11 points, and so on.

"Eat it" details - We set up 5 platters ranging from gross (10 pts) to really gross (50 pts).  The items were fish eggs, sardines, escargot, chicken eggs (which was really guava), and baby octopus.  To enhance the experience, we put a raw octopus on the table, a raw pigs foot, as well as real "life" images of the items displayed on the table.   No order necessary, but full completion and digestion was mandatory in order to get points for the item.

"Rock On: details - Couples performed a song with RockBand.  One person sang, the other played one instrument, the guitar or drums. Players got to choose their song from the list provided. (I recommend printing out a list of the songs beforehand so the guests have an idea of what to sing.)  At the end of the performance a score is given, such as 43,000.  Use a chart to determine relative points.  0-10,000 = 10 points, 10,001 - 20,000 = 20 points, and so on.

"Bartendars Award" details - all the guests judged the mixed drinks and rated their top three, 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  The 1st place winner had 20 points added to their score as well as received a cash prize.  2nd and 3rd place finishers, had 10 and 5 points added to their scores respectively.

All in all the party was a success with a lot of surprises.  My best friend who did all the shopping and swore she wouldn't eat this stuff, threw back the jar of baby food, as well as swallowed every last bit of the fish eggs, sardines, snails and octopus.  Originally, her decorating skills impressed me but now I am completely impressed.  She is that amazing friend every person dreams of having.

Speaking of decorating, we have the good fortune of being friends with a Halloween lover.  She lent us her alien baby in a jar, giant spiders, bugs, fake fingers, and fake finger food.  Other items we decorated with were scary movie posters, skull heads, ARACHNIPHOBIA in the DVD player, and a skeleton with the head cavity opened and we filled it with dyed spaghetti strands to reflect a brain.

ALL in all, my friends did come very afraid of what to expect. (Don't they trust me?)  Some of them left proud at their bravery and skills, while others left grateful they wouldn't be getting salmonella. But as the hostess of the party whose greatest fear is to have a dud of a party, the fear factor party is my all-time favorite.

If you plan to host your own fear factor party, please share the details here.  

Party On!




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