Wednesday, February 4, 2009

30 days of...Great Dates Week 1 - Keep it Simple

Don't wait for special occasions to make your spouse feel loved. Remember how you used to be before the marriage, during the dating period? Celebrating a "weekly" anniversary with thoughtful gifts, planned getaways, welcoming smiles and attuned ears. Get back to that in your marriage.

Every week in February, the 30 days will feature 30 great date ideas for you to personalize with your spouse. You romantics can enhance these dates with your creativity. For you un-romantics, you have no more excuses. Listed below are some dates to start planning. And remember, the dating period is when we are on "our best behavior". So drop the kids off, drop the past, and at the end of the date... (see the last sentence of blog)

1. Dinner and a movie is a traditional date however, mix it up a bit. Go to a drive-in or see a movie in the park. See an IMAX experience. See the movie during the day. And in every case, sit in the very back of the theatre and don't really watch the movie.

2. Go to the Snow. Remember nite skiing? Do it again. It is a great activity and will allow you to cuddle close while sitting on the chair lift. Budget tight? Still go. Sit in the lodge by the fireplace and have a hot cocoa together.

3. Happy Hour - every month meet at your favorite restaurant for happy hour. Don't forget to play footsies under the table.

4. Make a mixed Cd, then actually dance to it in the backyard. Fast or slow, it is fun!

5. Laugh - Go to your local improv or comedy show.

6. Set sail on a boat - In your local lake, ocean, or river. There is nothing more romantic than being near water and no one else is around. Even a paddle boat makes for fun times. If you want to really get romantic, rent a gondola for the two of you.

7. Bring a pizza home and cut it into the shape of a heart.

And at the end of the date...drop your clothes!


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