Thursday, April 30, 2009

Make $ the Scentsy Way

I adore these wickless candles by Scentsy.  They are my favorite gift to give to friends, family, and teachers. Recently I purchased The Patriotic Candle for the 4th of July decor in my home.  To learn more about the product and the business opportunity, I interviewed Lisha Platta, Lead Consultant for Scentsy.

30daysof: What is the product you sell and tell me a little about the company:

LP: Scentsy Wickless Candles is a home fragrance company that use warmers and scented bars to fragrant your home or office.  There is NO wick, NO flame, NO soot, NO smoke, so we offer a very safe alternative to the burning candle.  They use a 25 watt lightbulb to melt/warm the scented bars which are made of wax, maximizing the fragrance time in your home.

30daysof:  Why did you get started in this business? 

LP: Because it was a fantastic product no one had heard of and there were very few consultants in California! I was getting in on the ground level and knew success would be easy. The company is based in Idaho and just celebrated their 5 year Anniversary this year.

30daysof: Is there a start up cost? Describe the start up cost and what you need to do to qualify for promotion or revenues, trips, cars?  

LP: The start up cost is only $99 and that includes everything you need to sell! There is no stock to buy, so you are not spending your own money upfront.  When you join at $99 that includes a warmer, scented bar, room spray, car candle, 50 catalogs and order forms, literature and training as well as 80 scent testers to get started! You are completely ready to begin.

30daysof: How do you stay motivated? Books, quotes, people who  inspire, etc... 

LP: My motivation purely comes from the passion and excitement I get from my customers reactions to the product! You would be amazed how "smells" can really lift a persons spirit or mood and transform them into another place and time with that fragrance. 

30daysof:  What is your favorite product or the best selling product  (service) you offer? 

LP:  The best selling product are the warmers by far, with the scented bars. They are very affordable at only $30 and each scented bar is an amazing $5!!  The hot sellers currently (warmers) are the Safari Collection (zebra, cheetah, giraffe) as well as the Resaissance Collection. The nice thing is you are not replacing a $20 candle every time you want a new fragrance in your house or office... you just switch out the scented bar and instantly you have a new scent!

30daysof: What is your biggest challenge in marketing your business?  

LP: Don't need too...the minute people see it, or walk into a scented room and ask what's that yummy smell, then they are instantly sold on the product!!  My bathroom plug in warmer gets noticed everytime someone goes in there to use it and they always ask where did I buy it (and that strikes up a conversation about Scentsy!) Also, our warmers light up so they have a certain beauty about them.

30daysof: How do you get paid?  

LP: By the company (25% commission on up) and by my customers at 100% profit if I sell products I received at no charge.

30daysof: Is there room for advancement (growth)?  

LP: the amount you sell and by introducing people to join your team!! That is what I am currently trying to do, since there are not allot of consultants in California yet. It's great exposure since the market has never seen this product yet!! 

30daysof: Who is your competition? Other companies that sell the same products or services? Why did you choose yours? 

LP: The only other candle company that would be considered competition would be Gold Canyon, although they offer only 7 warmers currently, and we offer around 40.  Their scented bars cost $6 and last for up to 20 hrs, while Scentsy scented bars cost $5 and lasts for 60-80 hrs. 

30daysof: How can someone contact you to learn more about this business? 

LP: At my website at by phone at (949) 636-4988 or by email at 


  1. This is gorgeous. I want to order!

  2. Friday, August 28, 2009

    7:00pm - 9:30pm
    Location: Corona California
    Eagle Glen Community in South Corona


  3. SCENTSY a PEAK at the New FALL Catalog coming next month. Bathroom PLUG-INS in EVERY COLOR with NEW DESIGNS!!!! Cherry, Denim, Tangerine, Lime, Buttercup and new BEACHY patterns too (seashells, waves, sand dollars) BIGGER NEWS: You can now DESIGN YOUR OWN WARMER to match your house & theme colors!! Even kids/teens rooms!


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