Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween HOME AWAY Poem by Tricia Cohn

We weren't able to be home for the night so I wrote this quick poem and left it for the trick or treaters who did stay in the neighborhood.  Surprisely, there were 15 pieces left (I bought two bags of candy.)  Feel free to use the poem next year and send me your comments as to how many pieces you have left.

Although we're not here 
on this Halloween Night
to hear you say Trick or Treat
or Give you a fright,
We still have eyes 
all around you see, and they will know
if you take more than one candy.

So take one candy, maybe two to share,
But don't take anymore,
because the others will care.

For if you are selfish
and take more than your share
the monsters and goblins
will give you a scare.

by Tricia Cohn


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