Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gift #14 - Exercise

Everybody needs this gift, but it is up to the person to use it.  If you have a person in your life who is an avid runner, tennis player or yoga doer, a cute new outfit is always welcome. Otherwise, you can give the latest trend in exercise for the year which is a foam roller, a Tracy Anderson workout video, or a jumprope.  

Foam rollers are a great way to stretch your leg muscles before a run or after a workout.  It is a pilates tool that is strenuous and "painful" to use at first, but over time, the foam roller will become a necessary part of your daily routine (even if you don't work out.) See the workout at - the IT band stretch is the best!

TracyAnderson is the trainer whom Gwenyth and Madonna hired to get their bodies in top shape.  Her method is both fun and intense. This is a great gift for the person who has the motivation to work out from home. She also has a post pregnancy video that is supposed to be phenomenal for getting abs rock hard.

Lastly, iTunes/Nike has some great workout imix's that are inspiring. Simply download it to your ipod or burn it on a CD. So far, my favorite is Serena Williams Spontaneous Speed. It is a 27 minute run that I have worked up to finish in 3 miles. 
(this is partly due to the foam roller as well.)


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