Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gift #18 - Nativity Calendar

Give a Nativity Calendar to your nieces or nephews for the holidays. You can make one yourself or purchase one of many styles. My favorite ones to purchase are from Pottery Barn.
They have a personalized house as shown to the right, or a large felt tree that is a great decoration for a wall.
To make it really personal, make one yourself from felt and personalize all the ornaments for the family.

My mom made one for us (left) when our daughter was born and filled it with things she was interested in (horses, trains, etc.) As the kids get older, we sometimes wrap cash. This makes them want to open and decorate the tree first thing in the morning. (Tip - Velcro dots help to keep the ornaments in place.)
A menorah calendar is another idea you can make for families who celebrate Chanakah. Kids simply put a felt "light" on the tip of each candle on every one of the 8 days.
Either way, a nativity calendar (advent Calendar) is something a person will bring out every year and remember.


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