Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gift #27 - Massage

So many of us work on the computer, stand up all day, or have mental stress that causes us to be tied up in knots.  Help your friends and family relieve those knots with the gift of massage.  As a designer, my neck and shoulders get all tied up, but the Homedics Neck Massager with heat relieves the pressure.  There are over 30 different types of massage tools to relieve specific areas such as foot spas, back massagers, and high end chairs to sit in.  (See all at Homedics)

Not sure if the person might have one of these machines? Then giving an hour massage with professional hands, slow music in a relaxing spa, will surely make them the happiest.  *At the spas they sell neck pillows ($17) that you put in the microwave to heat.  These are a great gift that travel well and are great at relieving some stress, naturally.


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