Monday, June 1, 2009

Easter Bunny Cake - A Tradition

Since I was one, The Easter Bunny Cake has been served at our family Easter gatherings.  It is a tradition I still look forward to. (I have dibs on the left ear) Now a new generation of kids fight over who will get the other ear.  

To include this tradition in your Easter Day celebrations, here is the recipe.

What you will need:
1. Large cookie sheet
2. Jelly Beans
3. Coconut
4. Food Coloring
5. Cake Mix (We use Funfetti)
6. Frosting
7. 2 round cake pans

To Start:

- Prepare your batter (as shown on box) and pour it into two cake pans.  Bake as directed.
- While cake is baking, line a baking sheet with foil or green paper and prepare your colored coconut.  We make pink for the ears and cheeks (1/2 cup)  and blue for the bowtie (1 cup).  Set remaining coconut aside for the cake and the grass.

Decorate the Easter Bunny:
- After the cake has cooled, place one cake on the tray for the head. Frost it with the white frosting. 
- The second cake will be cut into a bowtie and the two ears (see diagram).
- Frost the three pieces with white frosting.
- Decorate the ears, cheeks, and bowtie with the colored coconut.
-Use Jelly Beans for the eyes, nose and mouth.  Or use other candy or icing you have to make it even more detailed. 
- Dye the remaining coconut green and use for the grass.
- Place the jelly beans or your favorite eggs around the rabbit.

Serve and Enjoy!  And don't get to upset when you see fingers going in and out of the cake during the whole party.  By the time dessert is served at our house, the jelly beans are all gone and we end up eating a faceless bunny.  

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  1. Oh, sweet nostalgia! Someone made this cake for my mom's baby shower, way back in '78. It became a family tradition for us too. We still have the original page that my mom tore out of a magazine. A few years ago, I put together a family cookbook and featured the recipe. It's so heartwarming to hear that it's a part of other familys' traditions as well. I'm a pastry chef now, with a specialty in cake sculpting, and I like to think that the bunny cake was what might have inspired it all. Thanks for sharing!

    Jenn @


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