Friday, July 31, 2009

Friendly Traditions - Start a Bunko Group

This year marks a 10-year monthly tradition of playing Bunko together. Our group started with 12 girls just married. A third of us were first time stay-at-home mommies deeply in need of adult conversation. Some wanted to reunite with old work friends and keep in touch better. We all wanted to GET OUT once a month - and spend fun time with friends.
We didn't set any rules except to supply dinner if you are a host and call if you can't make it. Themes were not mandatory but throughout the years, the themes these creative woman come up with is what I look forward to.
The latest party theme was a "Little Black Dress" Bunko by Karri. She set the table with elegant crystal and draped pearls around the napkins and centerpieces. She found initialed pearled ornaments and placed them next to each placesetting along with our personalized score card. For the main course she set up a mash-potatoe bar which was served in martini glasses. A light salad and shishkabobs skewered with tomotoe, mozzarella and basil were great accompaniments to the elegantly served carb. After dinner she read us an excerpt from the book, The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan. It is a
moving essay about women's remarkable capacity to support each other, to laugh together, and to endure. And yes, I cried.
We played one round of bunko (which is usually one round too many for me) and afterword enjoyed cake and sugar cookies adorned with a picture of Audrey Hepburn and her signature black dress. The theme was very simple and elegant.
Many bunko groups begin and end within a matter of months. Most don't last becuase women let their busy lives get in the way. If you start a bunko group, make the effort. Show up and don't make excuses. Perfect your entertaining skills. It is in times of difficulty when we need our friends the most. It is a tradition I hope to continue until all of us are rolling our dentures and sharing pictures of our grandkids.

For your bunko group, do you have themes? Share your favorites here. In the meantime, enjoy the following video of a reading from The Middle Place.


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  2. Our bunko group has been together for over 17 years and we too started out as new neighbors and moms that were antsy to get out and have some social time. We occasionally do a theme St. Patty's Day, Halloween etc, but one year that I hosted, we had a pajama party. It was a December bunko and I sent a notice to everyone asking them if the holidays were stressing them out and to come to a special relaxing evening of Bunko in their pajamas. Each table had snacks which included one bowl of a dry cereal. Mimosas and bloody marys, coffee, and tea were the beverages. And in place of only desserts, I served breakfast foods consisting of a bacon, egg and cheese casserole, a baked french toast pecan praline casserole, monkey bread and fruit salad. Ladies showed up in their bathrobes and slippers. Some wore animal slippers! At the end of our fun evening I gave everyone sleep masks as a parting gift. Themed bunko definitely adds to the enjoyment but the women I have come to know so well and the relationships we have grown are the true benefit of Bunko! I encourage everyone to find some friends and get out and play!!


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