Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tech Kids Review - Sketchfu a Giraffe

I am a huge fan of art and expressing one's individual creativity.  The website Sketchfu is appealing to kids and adults and allows artists to draw and share them online.  I utilize Sketchfu to animate the weekly stories written on @storyexperiment on Twitter.  In addition, participating in projects such as ONE MILLION GIRAFFES, is a great way to get the kids away from the TV.  

Here is a project for you to try with your kids on Sketchfu.  
1. Login to Sketchfu (sign up for a free account)
2. To begin your drawing, Click NEW at the bottom left of the artboard. 
     On your first drawing, draw a giraffe to submit to the 1,000,000 giraffe project.
3. Click on a brush size.
4. Select the color
5. Start to draw. (if you don't like what you drew, you can hit UNDO as many times as you would like.)
6. If you would like to see how the drawing looks animated. Click REPLAY and speed up or slow           down the animation.  (KIDS LOVE THIS!)
7. When you are finished with your drawing, TITLE IT (bottom right) and hit PUBLISH.
8. Once published you can share it various ways.  Email, Facebook, Etc.  
9. Select DOWNLOAD and Right Click the image with your mouse.  
10. SAVE as on your desktop as a jpeg.
11. Upload to the 1,000,000 giraffes and see if yours in one in a million.

Have fun being creative!

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  1. Just learned you might have to draw a giraffe by hand and not the computer for the 1,000,000 giraffe project according to their rules and regulations.


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