Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Charity on the iPhone

Focusing on charities for 30 days increased my awareness of others.  I wake everyday thinking of how I can make a difference for someone whether it be donating my bunko winnings to a friend walking in the Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure, or leaving notes for strangers telling them how special they are to this world.  I learned it is not what you give, it's HOW you give. 

Ironically, this month we received alot of charity due to a family member who lost a battle with lung cancer.   Kind words and prayers were expressed and meant the world to us, however it was a chocolate cake I received from a neighbor that touched me the most.   To think she used her time to make us something to make us feel better.  So sweet!!!! 
While my neighbor gave an hour of her time baking us a cake, my husband gave hours of his time being there for his mother as she watched the love of her life stop eating and drinking for 7 days. He said there was nothing more difficult than watching someone leave this world. His act of pure selflessness and love will inspire me to give anyway I can - everyday!
Since this is the last day of September, this will focus on a new topic for October - iPhone apps.  I will be purchasing the newest iPhone this month and can't wait to start downloading all the goodies I found at the app store for creators, authors, designers, and moms.  As of Sept. 30, 2009 I found only one charity app so far at the iTunes app store - the Kidney Cancer Association.  If you or someone you know is suffering from this disease,  the KCA app is designed to raise awareness and eradicate the pain and suffering through research, education and advocacy.
And for anyone who does smoke - please stop!  It is killing you.  The iphone app, iGuides, stop smoking now, supports your brave journey to a smoke-free you.  You can do it.

In memory of Don Boyett - you will be missed.


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