Saturday, September 5, 2009

Decorate with your DNA, lips, and fingerprints

I do not hang anything on the walls in my home unless it is symbolic of who I am. If you visited my home, you would see decorative crosses, mountainous landscapes, pictures of family and friends, and quotes I try to live by.  You would also see three walls I have left bare. Mostly because I didn't want to place something that had no meaning to me. I feel making a home takes time and patience, just as building a life does.  Filling the empty space in ourselves (and our homes) with superficial substances just to make everything "look pretty" will only leave you searching again. 

Because of patience, time and DNA 11, I can fill another wall with a piece of art completely indicative to who I am. My wall will be covered with my own DNA. Sounds weird but it is quite beautiful and the company DNA11, makes it possible. "DNA 11 pioneered the application of genetic science in the creation of truly personalized unique custom art. In addition to DNA art they continue to lead the way with innovative new products like Fingerprint PortraitsKISS Portraits and the latest creation, the NEW! DNA Mini Portrait."

The line also includes DNA Pet Portraits. To make it truly customizable you can choose a look to match your color scheme, add a signature, as well as learn how to identify your genes with the GenePAK.

It is a little pricey but you are paying for a picture of you!  And I know I am worth every penny and so are you. DNA11 also supports various charities which is 30daysof September Focus. If you purchase a Kiss Portrait a portion of the sale will be donated to the M.A.C. Aids Fund.  

Wondering how it works.  Watch the video below.

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  1. lijah Wood is donating a sample of his DNA -- for art!
    The talented young actor has teamed up with DNA 11 -- a custom print art gallery -- to benefit kids in need.
    Elijah gave some of his DNA to the gallery, which uses DNA imprints, lip and finger prints to create truly unique art works. The actor's DNA art print will be auctioned off on eBay, with 100% of the profits going to The Art of Elysium.
    The Art of Elysium is a non-profit organization that encourages actors, artists and musicians to voluntarily dedicate their time and talent to children who are battling serious medical conditions.
    "I'm really excited to take part in DNA 11's scientific process for creating a unique and original art piece benefiting The Art of Elysium, a charity that I am truly passionate about," Elijah says.
    The auction will go live September 8, 2009 on eBay. For more information, photos of the art and a link to the auction page visit:


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