Wednesday, February 3, 2010

30daysof...Romancing your Man

As February 14th approaches, it is common for women to play sweet in hopes their Valentine will present her with flowers, candy and an intimate table at a fancy restaurant. However the flowers die, the candy makes us fat, and the restaurants pack in so many extra tables, you might wonder whose knee he is really rubbing. This type of evening is not romantic at all, least especially for the man. And this year, I am all about romancing my man. So using social networks, i asked men, how do you like to feel special? What is your ideal date? What can a woman do to make you feel loved? Their responses are listed below and are numbered from the least desired to the most effective. In fact, if you ever want to make your man truly feel loved, skip all the way to number 1.

30. Nightcap - Pull down his sheets for him before bed.
29. Put tooth paste on his toothbrush for him in the morning
28. Bring him coffee in bed
27. Stay off your handheld devices when talking with him.
26. When not with him, send seductive or thoughtful texts to him.
25. Send a sexy picture of yourself to him on his phone before he gets home.
24. Write a poem or a love letter for him and put it in a homemade lunch.
23. Bake him his favorite cookies, cake or pie.
22. Wear a whip cream bikini
21. Go shopping for lingerie. You stay in the dressing room and let him bring you what he likes. You put it on and love it (even if you don't).
20. If he is nice enough to watch a chick flick with you, then don't wear your panties for him.
19. Tell him thank you for choosing you.
18. Plan a sports party for him and his friends - make a great dip (Chili-Cheese Dip) , drinks, and let them get as loud as they want. Don't tell him to turn anything down. Smile and be happy for him.
16. Sushi Bar on your Body - If you don't know, think Samantha from the movie, SEX AND THE CITY. If you haven't seen it, refer to number 20.
15. Draw naked pictures of each other. (Remember Titanic?) Let him go first even if he can't draw.
14. Make a music cd of your favorite love songs.
13. Dress up. FOR HIM, just becuase. Pick up a Victoria Secret Catalog.
12. Wink at him. Flirt. Touch him as you walk by. Or spank him and then hide.
11. On his birthday, wrap yourself up like a present and let him unwrap you after he blows out the candles to the cake you made him.
10. Park. On a cliff, At a drive-in, or in a remote place. Bring #14.
9. Leave articles of clothing throughout the house, leading to yourself in a bathtub.
7. Hire a masseur for his/her massages. You supply the happy ending.
6. Make a video of yourselves together...or watch a video and roleplay.
5. Play a Game - Truth or Dare, Spin the Bottle, Strip Poker.
4. Serve him a home cooked meal 4 times a week.
3. Wear only an apron when serving him dinner.
2. Smile. When he leaves for work AND especially when he gets home from work.
1. Simply touch it. Done. Romanced.


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