Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Tradition - CONTEST

Today is Mothers Day - a day when our yearlong sacrifices are rewarded with gifts the kids make in their classrooms.  Macaroni necklaces, colored pictures and cards saying I LOVE YOU MOM scribbled in crayon and edged up along side of the paper.

Mothers day necklace 2011 -
goes great with the macaroni necklace from 2004.

So to honor all the thoughtful gifts my child has made for me...I am going to start a tradition. I will actually wear all the stuff she has made and wear it on this day.  This idea was inspired by one of my favorite moms, Claire from Modern Family in last weeks episode.

So the contest is:  upload a picture of yourself wearing the gifts your child(ren) have made for you to the 30daysof...facebook fan page.  Or you can upload it to Twitter and use hashtag #30daysofmothersday.
On May 30th, we will vote!  The mom who gets the most votes will win a $25 gift certificate to Brighton.

What are some of your traditions you do with your mom every mothers day?  One recent tradition I just learned was from Jill Biden....she plant flowers with her kids every year.


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