Friday, June 20, 2008


I created the website not to bring attention to myself, but to limit the amount of business cards I hand out.   Secondly, for the past 10 years people ask me, "what do you do?"  The many responses to that question left friends and family thinking I am a schizo (is this term PC?)  In order to get my "left side" of my brain to relate to the "right siders" (most other people), a website with my name seemed the best solution.  

The roles I perform are a creator, author, designer, and mom.  Absolutely none of the roles are possible without the support of my husband.  This first blog is dedicated to him.  I am so grateful for his love and support.  He has always wanted me to "be all I can be."   Now he says, "do the best you can do, to be the best you can be."  
Being the best I can be is overwhelming. The journey seems long and never ending, but I am always up for a challenge, for there is nothing more rewarding than honest hard work and doing what you truly love.  I love creating and making a difference for others.  
When you read my future blogs, my goal is to inspire dreams, to provoke conversation, to share ideas, and to make a difference for someone else - maybe you.

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