Monday, November 24, 2008

Gift #9 - Hats

Buy a HAT for someone.  Hats are an item that people don't necessarily go out and buy until they need it.  But there are so many hats that accessorize outfits, shade us from the sun, or show off our favorite team, one can never have to many.  

For kids under 5, these reversible hats work great for days to the beach, the baseball game or the park.  The traditional baseball cap is always a great option, especially if you know the team the person roots for.  For the winter, kids need a snow hat to cover their ears.  All of these hats are available at

For women, hats are getting fun and so cute.  I just got back from New York in which I bought a few very stylish ones from the street vendors.  Buy one for a friend.  It is an inexpensive personal gift she will be sure to love.  

Lastly, for the man who has too many hats to ever wear in one lifetime, a hat organizer or hat washer makes a great gift.  And every year there is a championship in some sport - its a perfect way to get something you know he will love showing off and talking about with the boys! (not the hat, the championship)


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