Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gift #8- The gift of Survival

What about giving a gift you hope the person NEVER actually has to use?  An emergency kit filled with supplies for that "major disaster" moment we all fear.  Many families have one, but many of these items become ineffective or spoiled with time.  In addition, every car should have an emergency kit and your home should have at least one kit per family "member." 

The Red Cross has many resources for you to review on the necessities that would benefit us in the case of major disaster.  Put together a basket filled with these items.  People who could use it:
a college kid moving out, a teenager getting a new car, a teacher, a grandparent, every family member, a new mom, a new dad, EVERYONE.  Bring one to a holiday party you are invited to as the elephant gift - it is way better than the poker chip set I happen to get stuck with every year. In the meantime, Be safe!


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