Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gift Idea #2 - Photo Books/Scrapbook Pages/Calendars

This was going to be gift suggestion #8 or #9 but due to Oprah's broadcast yesterday, the gift of photo books moved up the ranks.

Photo books are so easy to make, and the quality is outstanding. And with Oprah's offer, you can get one free through  (see details here, offer ends in less than 5 days.)
My suggestions was to take a digital picture of your child's favorite artwork from the year and submit your artwork to your favorite photography website, then Viola, a beautiful published book.  
You can also make, calendars, but beware! - once you make one for a family member, they will grow to expect one every year.

Lastly, for those of you who scrapbook, there is a great website that you can make pages beautifully, with less fuss, and only $7.50 a page. The website is
The pages are beautiful and they are adding more and more designs every month.

If you are still fearful of diving into the digital world, they still sell the photo albums that you peel back the plastic sheet and stick in the photo or artwork.  This method works just as well and costs a lot less money and time.  Whatever you choose, the gift of memories is always my favorite.



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