Friday, November 14, 2008

Gift Idea #3 - Ceramics

One item I use to decorate my home every holiday is a ceramic plate, custom painted to reflect the season.  The secret to making it look good - have a plan and go prepared to the ceramic store. Don't just go and paint - unless you are truly an artist.

Give a birthday plate as a gift or a "you are special today" plate.
This is a wonderful tradition. Every birthday serve the cake on the plate. Or when one of your children do something good, serve their meal on the "you are special today" plate.  The kids love it and it is wonderful to see how much pride they feel just by having their own plate.

Kids are welcome at the ceramic shop and they love to paint. Cereal and ice cream bowls are great gifts for the grandparents that kids can give.  Parents can touch up the art afterword by using puffy paint. My daughter made ice cream bowls for all of her grandparents.  Not only did we have fun doing it together, she took pride in wrapping and presenting the gift to them herself.  So be creative and have fun.

A great place to find designs to trace on your plate is at, however any stock photo website that has vector art or illustrations will do. And if you want a classy font on your piece, simply go into Microsoft Word and find a font you like.  Print it out and bring it to the ceramic shop.  The trick is, be prepared and you will give a wonderful gift you can be proud of.  


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