Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Resolution New You #16 - Give yourself a makeover

Is it a compliment when the friends who haven't seen you in 20 years say, "you haven't changed a bit?" or "you look exactly the same!"  I suppose it could be depending how old you were when they last saw you.  A 60-year-old would love to be told she still looked 40, but a 40-year-old woman, might not want to look 20 anymore.  Her skin, yes, but everything else should be madeover to go with all she has learned and become.

So in 2009, a resolution to be a better new you is to get a makeover, and have fun with it.  Go to Nordstrom and talk with their personal shoppers.  They can update your wardrobe with a few classics and trendy pieces you need.  
You can try a new haircolor.  There is a fabulous website offered by iVillage. Simply upload a picture of yourself with your hair pulled back. Then find the shape that best suits your face, and choose the hair color with over 1000 styles to choose from.  You can save each image of your new style and print out to show your friends.  This is a great way, versus going to a wig shop, to try a new look or style.  The website is so detailed, it lets you add makeup, and it adjusts perfectly to the size of your eyes and lips.  Then once you find that new look, bring it to your stylist and become a new you! It is so fun, you have to try.


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