Saturday, January 24, 2009

Resolution New You #19 - Have your eyes checked

A very special person to me was complaining of frequent headaches for over a year.  Many of us told her it was just her diet and she probably had an allergy to something. We assured her, if she watched what she ate, started exercising, and relaxed a little, her headaches would go away.  (Mind you, none of us are doctors.  We are just the typical internet and health magazine article PhD's.)  Luckily, she was blessed with a friend who took action and made her go to the eye doctor.  The friends diagnosis was, bad vision is definately causing this and you need to get glasses.  When the real cause for the headaches was determined by an eye doctor, those of us closest to her where awakened to how precious our lives are. For what she had, was not an allergy, stress, or poor vision.  She had a tumor in the middle of her brain.  The tumor completely entangled her left optic nerve causing her vision to be weakened.  A normally round and healthy hypothalmus gland was flattened like a quarter.  The reason for her headache was, a meningioma.  

She was scared.  At the young age of 40, she couldn't believe it happened to her, especially since she still was raising her 3 boys, one of which was just 2 years old.   As sad and frightened as she was, her courage and strength prevailed.  She was scheduled for brain surgery a few weeks after the diagnosis at the USC Medical Center.  Dr. Lui performed the miracle of removing the tumor from the exact center of her brain.  After a 7 hour surgery (originally forecasted to be a 3 hour surgery), Caroline awoke.  Her first words were, "Diet Coke." 
Although she is legally blind in her left eye during this recovery time, she is alive and here with us. We pray that her eyesight will be restored within the next two years and she can live in the same manner before her surgery.  Until then, I am so thankful to this day for the friend of hers that made her go to the eye doctor.  She saved her life - and kept our precious hermana y amiga, here with us to raise her boys.   
Visit the American Optometric Association, to learn up-to-date recommendations for proper eye care, and eye exams for a better new you.


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