Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolution New You #2 - Organize a Junk Drawer

You know you have one - a junk drawer, a cupboard of clutter, a closet of clothes you think you will wear again.  It is time to make a resolution to organize your home for the new you.  It can be overwhelming to attack the problem all at once so here is the solution.  Take it one drawer (or closet, file cabinet, picture box, etc.) at a time, once a week, for 1 year.  Once you free yourself from "things," the peace of mind you will feel is gratifying beyond words.  

If the thought of cleaning out the clutter is exciting but the fear of where to put it prohibits action, here are some helpful ideas on what to do.

Clothes - (ladies, even if you get back in the "ideal size for you" you will not want to wear that outfit again. Get rid of it!) 
Papers from filing cabinet - Shred your documents to prevent identity theft with this 
Kitchen Supplies - donate to Vacation Rentals by Owners.
Electronics - there are environmental regulations for discarding electronics - check the EPA for current dumping procedures
Lastly, ebay built its company on the concept, One person's junk is another person's treasure. Luckily this is true as Ebay's theory is proven with these financials.  "But the greatest total number of visitors flocked to eBay (NasdaqGS: EBAY), which drew in 85.4 million shoppers."

So get rid of your junk and allow others to treasure it.  Clean out a junk drawer to become a new you.


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