Monday, January 5, 2009

Resolution New You #3 - Develop a morning routine

Remember hearing stories of the mothers in the 1950's who would wake up, put on her entire face, pile hair high, and be dressed for the day, BEFORE the rest of the family was up?  Granted they didn't have Facebook, email, internet, or blogging to compete with, but the routines they established set themselves up for success in running their household - while looking pretty as a peach.
Developing a morning routine which sets you up to look and feel your best is a great resolution for a new you.
Wake up an hour earlier than you normally would or before the kids get up.  Stretch, pray, or take a brisk walk around the neighborhood first.  Then shower and prepare yourself to look your best for the day.  (Don't forget the lotion ladies.  Studies show that putting lotion within 5 minutes of showering, increases the elasticity of our skin and prevents wrinkles.) Try this routine for at least a month in order for it to become part of your new lifestyle.  You will be more efficient, feel better, and be a better you. Guaranteed.
What is your morning routine?


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