Thursday, January 8, 2009

Resolution New You #6 - Learn and USE a new word, everyday.

One of my favorite songs is by John Mayer titled, Say.  The message is, say what you need to say: and be confident, proud and true to you.  So, how many times have you wanted to speak up, be yourself, but didn't feel aplomb? You felt pusillanimous and hesitated.  

There are numerous ways to increase your vocabulary and it does require effort. One way is to read, read, read.  (When I read and I come across a word I want to use, I write it in the back of the book.)  
Another is to add a widget to your desktop, or an application such as Mirriam Webster's Word of the Day to your Yahoo page. Todays words of the day are: hidebound, sanction, and candor. Here are the words used in a sentence: The Palestinians and Israelis are hidebound and refuse to approve any sanctions between 
the two. It is with true candor, that I admit I am scared of this hate and destruction and hope it can be resolved. (read recent news of the stituation.) 
Lastly, for parents who splurged on their kids with a Nintendo DS in the past three years, use it for yourself.  There is a great game titled CROSSWORDS.  Crosswords has an umpteen amount of puzzles, wordsearches and anagrams to enhance your vocabulary.  Trust me: it is so fun, you will find yourself making sure it is charged all the time for you to play or you will simply sequestrate it more often as punishment.  Hee Hee.


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