Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Make $ texting!

Get paid to text?  Now you can with ChattoText.  If you are on a social networking site and have a cell phone, there is no reason why you shouldn't be utilizing this new tool.  

30daysof:  Why did you get started in this business?

Chattotext User1:  At first it was the products features that interested me as I didn't realize it could be a business.  I learned about it when it was launched through Facebook as an application.  The product, Chattotext displays on my profile page and if anybody needed to contact me by phone they could text me right from their computer!  In addition, I could text right back to their computer...from my phone.

30daysof: Is there a start up cost? 
Chattotext User1: Yes, there is usually a cost for most conveniences in our lives.  To utilize ChattoText it is $5.99 a month.  I watched the video and learned that I could also make money with the product.  I purchased it and invited a couple of friends to watch the video.  Those friends who signed up to use the chattotext service ended up making me money.  For every person you sign up to use chattotext, you get $2 back.  So technically, I did not pay for the first two months becuase I had signed up 6 people.  If you sign up 3 people every month, the service is free.  If you sign up more, then you make money.

30daysof: How do you stay motivated? 
Chattotext User1: Money and a great product that I believe in motivates me.  I do not like hidden agendas, long-term commitments, or poor communication.  Chattotext did have some problems in the beginning due to its newness, however the developers handled all the fixes professionally.  I was impressed with their follow through and determination to resolve any problems. In fact, they just hosted a webinar to discuss and share all the new changes.

30daysof: What is your favorite product or the best selling product (service) you offer?
Chattotext User1:  The website Chattotext it so easy to use.  They have codes you can cut and paste and put on your blog, your website, or any of the social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.

What is your biggest challenge in marketing your business?
Chattotext User1: When Chattotext was new as an application through Facebook it got pulled due to a violation of terms.  One month later all issues with Facebook and Chattotext are resolved and the product works great.  If you want to solicit the product as a business however you can not talk about it or mention it in any social networking status updates.  For instance you can't say in your status on Facebook: JANEDOE Want to make money texting? click on this link,

You can only have the box on your profile page and tell your contacts about it through emails, websites, or blogs.

30daysof: How do you get paid? 

Chattotext User2: Every month you get money put into your paypal account or bank account. Whichever you sign up for.

30daysof: Is there room for advancement (growth)?
Chattotext User2: You start to create a downline for yourself.  The more people you have signed up under you, the more your money grows.

30daysof: Who is your competition? Other companies that sell the same products or services? Why did you choose yours?
Chattotext User2: I haven't found any other product that texts my phone from a computer and vice versa.  I believe this tool of communication will become even more popular in the next two years.

30daysof: How can someone contact you to learn more or purchase your product?
Chattotext User3: After interviewing and trying out this product, I myself love it.  I am using it for my blog to get feedback on new topics to post.  If you want to sign up to use Chattotext as well, please do so by clicking on this link.

Here's hoping that you make money texting away with your friends and family.


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