Thursday, April 23, 2009

Turn a hobby you love doing, into a business you can do!

I interviewed over 30 different business owners to learn more about how to make $ doing what they love.  As I await all the interviews, here are links to some businesses many people are supplementing their income with.  

Other businesses I interviewed included the creators of products, a wedding coordinator, a money making blogger, a capital marketing start up group, a photographer, and a florist.  These interviews will be posted as I receive them.  

NOTE: It is not my intent to promote any business or person through April topic...making $ your way. These links go directly to the website and do not include a distributor link.  The interviews are meant to inspire and to inform people of the various opportunities to help supplement an individuals income. The interviews will provide a distributor's contact information in which you can contact them to learn more. As with any goal you want to achieve, ultimately it is up to the hard work and passion of the individual person.  



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