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Make $ with acai.

Many of you have driven by a car that has the sticker on the back with the words MonaVie applied to it.  Or a person who is glam'd up with this companies name all over their hat, their shirt, jacket and even on their jewelry.  MonaVie is a juice drink featuring the acai (/ah-sah-EE/) berry.  I interviewed numerous people to share the business module and product information.  The interview featured is from Jean and Steve Schulte (JSS) who are extremely passionate about sharing MonaVie.

30daysof: What is the name of your business?
JSS: We are Steve & Jean Schulte - MonaVie Independent Distributors
We have a BOTTLE OF FOOD...19 Superfruits - each hand picked for their superior nutritional value - with the #1 Superfood in the world - the Acai Berry being the CROWN JEWEL!  Combining the BEST of Science and Nature, this singular nutritional beverage is packed with a broad spectrum of phytonutrients and antioxidants to help you feel and look your best!

30daysof: Why did you get started in this business?
JSS: Because we wanted HEALTH AND WELLNESS in our lives on a LONG TERM BASIS and knew our family wasn't eating the 7-10 servings of fruits and vegetables we are supposed to be getting each and every day we started drinking MonaVie - and were SO COMPLETELY blown away by our own personal results we knew we had to share it with others!  I  had Cancer 8 years ago and NEVER wish to get it again...and I fully appreciate and understand the power of ANTIOXIDANTS eliminating FREE RADICALS in our bodies - which are the pre-cursor to cancerous cells.  My main goal has and ALWAYS will be to help people get HEALTHY  both physically AND financially for those who wish to create an additional income stream!  The WELLNESS Industry is the LARGEST sector of industry right now and within that SECTOR the primary driving force is the Functional Food Category or Functional Beverage Category. 
I saw HUGE opportunity mixed with a much higher purpose of helping bring a tremendously healthy product to market worldwide.  Initially, we started to share MonaVie to just try and "earn our product for free".  Needless to went WAY beyond that very quickly!  In just 18 months, we've created an additional income stream that matches my full time corporate career annual salary!  And we've created that.....PART TIME!! This is passive, residual income that will bless our family for many years to come!  Now we get the privilege of showing others how to create that for themselves!
30daysof: Is there a start up cost? Describe the start up cost and what you need to do to qualify for promotion or revenues, trips, cars?
JSS: The TYPICAL start up cost is a $39 Enrollment Fee and whatever product you purchase at wholesale.  As a MonaVie Stimulus Package - the Enrollment Fee is WAIVED so you can put that into your Product instead!  If you want to be a just need one case per month per adult in your household.  For less than $4.00 a can get the equivalent of 13 servings of fruits and vegetables from an antioxidant content in just 2 oz. twice a day!  MonaVie is a great's always there and ready for you - pour your shot and it tastes great!  If you were to TRY and eat 13 servings of fruit a day - you would no doubt have waste and fruit you would have to throw away due to it "going bad" don't have ANY waste with MonaVie!  It's quick, it's easy and it's a value!  Exactly what people want and need! 
If you want to build a business.....we have bulk order options that allow you to greatly reduce your cost on a per bottle basis to anywhere between $20-32 a bottle.  You can order 3, 6 or 12 cases to get your business launched and have "no lag" time in being able to put product in people's hands when they say "YES".  

30daysof: How do you stay motivated? Books, quotes, people who inspire, etc...
JSS: I read and listen to alot of motivational authors and speakers!  A few of my favorites are Jim Rohn, John Maxwell, Mark Yarnell and Joyce Meyer.  Leaders are readers......and investing in ourselves and in our ongoing personal development is an important aspect of my personal philosophy!

"Success is neither magical nor mysterious.  Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals."  Jim Rohn

What we think about, we bring feed your mind positive messages and surround yourself with positive people!  It's infectious!  We become our environments!!  
30daysof: What is your favorite product or the best selling product (service) you offer?
JSS: My favorite product is the MONAVIE ACTIVE juice!  It's an amazing whole food that has made a world of difference in my health and my family's health!  I also have to say the MonaVie Gel packs in individual servings refrigerated or frozen are GREAT for  traveling!! (Kids love it too!) 

30daysof: What is your biggest challenge in marketing your business?
JSS: Finding ENOUGH time to make ALL the visits and calls to EVERYONE I know and LOVE to share this AMAZING product!!

30daysof: How do you get paid? 
JSS: First of all - MonaVie has the FINEST Compensation Plan in the Industry!  MOST Network Marketing Companies payout only 10-15% of total profits to their Distributorship.  MONAVIE pays out 50% of the GROSS profits on a weekly BASIS - every week for the past 4 years.  

WEEKLY we get paid every FRIDAY.....we call it GOOD FRIDAY in MonaVie!  We get an email notifying us how much MonaVie is depositing to our Mona-Visa card!  

Right now in extra $500 a month can sometimes be the difference between a family keeping their home or losing it.  We show people how to create that additional income stream coming into their household with this amazing home based business!  And whether your goals are an extra $500 a month or $5,000 - it's all possible!  We are living proof of that!

30daysof: Is there room for advancement (growth)?
JSS: ABSOLUTELY!!  There are over 300 M people in the US and only about 2 M people thus far consuming MonaVie and only 7% of that figure actively Distributing it!  MonaVie was founded in 2005, and is just 4 years old - and proud to be a Debt Free Company with the profile of a Fortune 100 company.  MonaVie reached the $1 Billion mark in sales in just 3 years - thus making it the fastest growing Network Marketing Company of all time. Faster to the $1 B mark than Amway - which comparatively took them 11 yrs - with a vast product line.  The Management Team is a team of EXCELLENCE!  Our long term goal is to be a $20 Billion Company in 20 years.  At this pace...that won't be a problem!!

30daysof: Who is your competition? Other companies that sell the same products or services? Why did you choose yours?
JSS: When we looked at the Functional Beverage Category -we realized this was the LARGEST sector of the Wellness Industry.  The Functional Beverage Category is a $50 Billion market sector (including MonaVie, Red Bull, Gatorade, Monster, etc)  We felt MonaVie was superior due to it's HIGH antioxidant AND phytonutrient components. It was a HEALTHY beverage that packed much more "punch" than the competition!  There are 11,000 Baby Boomers retiring everyday.  They all want to be healthy, active and stay looking and feeling young!  What if YOU knew what 1 Billion people worldwide needed?
1) We particularly LOVED the fact that the primary Ingredient was the #1 SuperFood in the World, the ACAI BERRY from the Amazon Rainforest.  

2) MonaVie holds the PATENT called the "Opti-Acai Process" that allows them to LOCK in 100% of the nutritional value of the Acai Antioxidants thru a patented freeze drying process.  Other companies spray or air dry their Acai only capturing 2/3 of the nutritional value.  

3)  MonaVie is the largest purchaser of Acai from Brazil - thus allowing us to get the PREMIUM fruit. Acai is the #2 Export from Brazil next to wood.

4)  We were completely impressed with the Five Star Opportunity of MonaVie!  The Right Product, The Right Timing, The Right Management Team, The RIGHT Compensation Plan and The Right Cause - The MORE Project which stands for "MonaVie Operation Rescue" which was founded to hep disadvantaged children overcome their circumstances and become self-sufficient through education and training.   

30daysof: How can they contact you or learn more about the company?
JSS: Please contact us so we can share this AMAZING product and opportunity with you!  We welcome your phone call or email and promise you will be impressed with our commitment to providing outstanding service, Leadership and support to our team of consumers and Business Builders!  
Get in touch with me so I can share the Opportunity with you either over the phone or in person!  You can check out my website at www.mymonavie/jeanschulte

Steve & Jean Schulte
Corona, California
(951) 898-9317 home / (951) 642-3396 cell
website:  www.mymonavie/jeanschulte


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