Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Make $ - but lose weight!

Garages, cars, and refrigerators get cleaned out regularly so why shouldn't you?  With so many toxins and pollutants entering our system everyday, (both voluntarily and non-voluntarily) monthly maintenance is a MUST.  Isagenix is a company that focuses on weight loss through cleansing.  I interviewed Sherry Donaho to learn more about the business opportunity and the product. Also, in January I focused on lowering your cholesterol for a resolution.  There is a picture of how our arteries get clogged.  It is the same for our intestines.  Clean them out!

30daysof: What is the name of your business?
SD: Isagenix

30daysof: Why did you get started in this business?
SD: I didn't go into wanting to get into the business. I used the products and loved them. When people saw the weight loss and the change in my hair and skin they started asking me what I was doing and wanted to sign up. They came to me.

30daysof: Is there a start up cost? Describe the start up cost and what you need to do to qualify for promotion or revenues, trips, cars? 
SD: There is a $49.00 membership costs annually. The rest of the start up costs is the shakes and products that you will consume. To stay active as a consultant you need to be on the Autoship program and purchase 100 BV points a month which equals about $150.00. If you are using the products everyday this total is very easy to come to. They do have contests and you qualify to enter the contests by signing up new consultants under you. The contest is usually a trip somewhere.

30daysof: How do you stay motivated? Books, quotes, people who inspire, etc...
SD: Isagenix has weekly dial in calls with top sellers in the company and the people who create the products. They are a great way to stay up to date with the latest and greatest with Isagenix. They are in the evenings so I can call in after work or on my drive home. My upline has monthly meetings and will have "tasting" parties every week. I can bring pepople who are interested to the party and they can get more information and actually sample things before they buy them. We all have our before and after pictures and that keeps us all motivated. 

30daysof:What is your favorite product or the best selling product (service) you offer?
SD: My favorite is the Ionix Supreme. You only drink 1 to 2 oz a day. I drink mine before I go to bed at night. It relaxes me and I sleep better. I wake up the next morning ready to take on the world with better mental clarity. I have people who only buy this. 

30daysof: What is your biggest challenge in marketing your business?
SD: Right now its the economy. People run away as soon as they hear the cost. But if I get to have a dialog with them and explain that they won't need to get as much at the grocery store any longer since this will be the bulk of their diet, the savings and cost of Isagenix equals out. Plus its healthier and they will feel better!

30daysof: How do you get paid? 
SD: Everytime I cycle they download my commission onto a Visa debit card.

30daysof: Is there room for advancement (growth)?
SD: You can go as high as you want. Put the work into it and the skys the limit!

30daysof: Who is your competition? Other companies that sell the same products or services? Why did you choose yours? 
SD: I just recently heard about Shaklee although I haven't done alot of research on them yet. GNC sells all kinds of shakes and cleanses. I chose Isagenix because I saw first hand the results. My Aunt who I hadn't seen in a year looked 15 years younger and 30 lbs lighter. That was enough for me!

30daysof: Who can I contact to learn more about this product?
SD: I'd be happy to talk to anyone interested 714-414-8718. Or they can go to and read more for themselves. 


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