Friday, August 7, 2009

Runescape - A Free Gaming Adventure for Kids 9 and up

A new game I have never heard of before this interview is titled, RUNESCAPE.  There is no installation, no monthly payments or plush toys to purchase.  In fact, it is completely FREE and has an online community of millions, 150+ quests, and 24 diverse skills. Nicolas (age 9) completed the interview for his favorite game.
30daysof: What is the name of the website/game/device you reviewed?

30daysof: How did you learn about it?  Who told you?
NK: My friend told me who learned it from his brother.

30daysof:  What ages do you think are best suited to play this game/website/device?  What abilities or devices are needed?
NK: I think the suitable ages for this game is nine and up

30daysof:  How many hours a day do you spend with the game/website/device?
NK: 30-60 minutes.

30daysof:  Do your parents set rules for you such as: chores first, then games:  or only 1 hour a day; or no rules, I have all the control!
NK: before I play this game I have to clean my room, do the dishes,and clean up the backyard.

30daysof: What is your favorite part of the game/website/device?  Which part do you play most often?
NK: the part I play the most of has to be quests.

30daysof: Please give a secret tip or hint that you want other friends to know about the game/website?  For instance: how do you get to a certain level, find a gem, kill a bad guy, earn extra money? 
NK: Okay, to earn extra money go to the wilderness and kill green dragons after that get the bones and hide Then, sell them at the GrandExchange for 2 k each! P.S  bring food.

30daysof: Why do you like this game/website/device better than the others?
NK: I like it better than other games because you can make friends. 

30daysof: Write one sentence about this game/website/device that would make others buy it!  
NK: I don' t think you can buy it. So they should try it becuase it is Free.

30daysof:  How could they improve this game/website/device and make it even better! 
NK: They can improve it by better graphics


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