Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tech Kids Review - Sonic Rush DS

Boys will be boys.  They like dirt, slimy things and video games with action.  Sonic Rush for the DS is a great game for boys.  Spencer (age 10) reviewed the game for us.  Here is what he had to say.

30daysof: What is the name of the website/game/device you reviewed?

Sonic Rush for Nintendo DS game system.


30daysof: How did you learn about it?  Who told you?

My brother had it first, and since he liked it so much, I thought I would try it.


30daysof:  What ages do you think are best suited to play this game/website/device?  What abilities or devices are needed?

Ages 7-16, would be my guess. It has some mild action in the boss battles, so not for little kids. You need a Nintendo DS, and if you use the Action Replay device, it gives you cheat codes, and special abilities. This was really fun!



30daysof:  How many hours a day do you spend with the game/website/device?

I get an hour a day with my gaming devices ( either Wii or Nintendo ). I play this every now and then.



30daysof:  Do your parents set rules for you such as: chores first, then games:  or only 1 hour a day; or no rules, I have all the control!

During the summer I get one hour a day OR Saturday and Sunday unlimited. During the school year, I only get 1 hour each weekend day.



30daysof: What is your favorite part of the game/website/device?  Which part do you play most often?

My favorite parts of the game are the boss battles. You have to battle an evil dude called Eggman and his inventions.



30daysof: Please give a secret tip or hint that you want other friends to know about the game/website?  For instance: how do you get to a certain level, find a gem, kill a bad guy, earn extra money?  Press and hold B to turn Sonic into a ball, then let go of the button and press B again…and you will go right through an enemy.



30daysof: Why do you like this game/website/device better than the others?

I like this game a lot, because I really liked the TV show, and the characters you get to use have lots of great abilities. Sonic is a hedgehog that is blue, and the female character is a fox named Blaze with lots of fire abilities.


30daysof: Write one sentence about this game/website/device that would make others buy it!  

It is a fun game with lots of boss battles and lots of stages. Lots of action.


30daysof:  How could they improve this game/website/device and make it even better!

To make it better, they could add more stages, and harder boss battles at the higher levels.

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  1. How much does this game cost? Have you played it on the other platforms? Which do you like better?


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