Monday, August 17, 2009

Tech Kids Review - Pokemon

Pokemon. We have all heard of this phenomenon. To learn more about the game on the DS, Tech Kid (SR - age 9) answered the interview to this popular kids game for the DS.

30daysof: What is the name of the website/game/device you reviewed?

SR: Pokemon Platinum for the Nintendo DS.


30daysof: How did you learn about it?  Who told you?

SR: I have all the Pokemon games, so I was waiting for this one to come out. I had a pre-order on it in GameStop


30daysof:  What ages do you think are best suited to play this game/website/device?  What abilities or devices are needed?

SR: I would 7 to 13, or anyone who really likes Pokemon. The manual you can buy for this game ( it’s a huge book ) really helps you get through the game with lots of extras.


30daysof:  How many hours a day do you spend with the game/website/device?

SR: I get an hour a day with my gaming devices ( either Wii or Nintendo ). I play this a LOT.


30daysof:  Do your parents set rules for you such as: chores first, then games:  or only 1 hour a day; or no rules, I have all the control!

SR: During the summer I get one hour a day OR Saturday and Sunday unlimited. During the school year, I only get 1 hour each weekend day.


30daysof: What is your favorite part of the game/website/device?  Which part do you play most often?

SR: My favorite part of the game are the battles with the trainers, gym leaders, and the Pokemon elite 4 champions. I also like to catch and train the wild Pokemon.


30daysof: Please give a secret tip or hint that you want other friends to know about the game/website?  For instance: how do you get to a certain level, find a gem, kill a bad guy, earn extra money?

SR: When you are on route, never hide from the trainers. If you do so, your Pokemon will level up and evolve faster. Toys r’ us sometimes has events where you can go in and get free Pokemon added to your game. They advertise this in the gaming department, and it is FREE.


30daysof: Why do you like this game/website/device better than the others?

SR: This is the best Pokemon game as you can catch Pokemon from all different regions, and the new WiFi plaza is super cool.


30daysof: Write one sentence about this game/website/device that would make others buy it!  

SR: I own all the Pokemon games ever made, and this is the best one! You can catch all the legendary Pokemon in this game, no other one can do that!


30daysof:  How could they improve this game/website/device and make it even better!

SR: They should add a feature where you can mix Pokemon abilities, or add some new Pokemon to the regions.

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  1. Can I just say, a certain little boy of mine is VERY excited that his review is posted? Thanks for giving him the opportunity to submit his "musings" on the cyberworld. xoxo


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