Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tech Kids Review - Sims

This is a preview for the SIMs3 World Adventure. Read the interview of the SIMS contributed by an avid player (WC age 14)

30daysof: What is the name of the website/game/device you reviewed?
WC: The Sims 2 computer game

30daysof: How did you learn about it? Who told you?

WC: My mom and I were shopping at costco when I was a little boy, and I saw the first SIMS computer game that was sitting on the games table and my mom bought it for me. After that, I started to buy all the expansion packs. Soon I found out that the sims 2 was coming out in 2004. Now the newest release is coming in 2009, SIMS 3 World Adventure.

30daysof: What ages do you think are best suited to play this game/website/device? What abilities or devices are needed?
WC: I think ages 12 and older. A computer is needed.

30daysof: How many hours a day do you spend with the game/website/device?
WC: Wow that's a good question. I can play it for 6 to 8 hours straight if I wanted to, but I get breaks in between like snacks and bathroom breaks.

30daysof: Do your parents set rules for you such as: chores first, then games: or only 1 hour a day; or no rules, I have all the control!
WC: Yes my mom asks me to help her with the trash, groceries, or laundry, but if she doesn't than I already know that I have no chores for the day.

30daysof: What is your favorite part of the game/website/device? Which part do you play most often?
WC: My favorite part is controlling the people (sims) in the game. A person in the game is called a sim. You can create families, let them have a job, click on things in the game for them to learn new skills, and more. The best part of it is that the sims age in the game. First they are born, in the game they don't show a baby being born, they show the mother pregnant, than a baby falls from the air into her arms. You can name the baby. Then it becomes a child, into a teen, into an adult, into an elder. After that its death and the grim reaper comes to take the sim away and soon it becomes a tombstone.

30daysof: Please give a secret tip or hint that you want other friends to know about the game/website? For instance: how do you get to a certain level, find a gem, kill a bad guy, earn extra money?
WC: I have a cheat for the sims 2 that can give you an extra $50,000. First you need to press three keys on the keyboard at the same time. Control, shift, and letter c. A bar will come up at the top and you type in the cheat. The cheat is motherlode.
**If you have a facebook page you can become a fan of Sims and learn different cheats and communicate with other players. THE OFFICIAL FAN PAGE for SIMS 3.

30daysof: Why do you like this game/website/device better than the others?
WC: First of all, there's always a new expansion pack to add to the sims 2. The very first sim games were fun, but not as detailed. The new and improved sims 2 has new accessories and better quality. I have the most expansion packs for the sims 2. Each expansion pack has new accessories every time. I have 8 expansion packs. I have the sims 2 university for college, sims 2 apartment life, sims 2 freetime, sims 2 bon voyage, sims 2 nightlife, sims 2 open for business, sims 2 pets, and the sims 2 seasons.

30daysof: Write one sentence about this game/website/device that would make others buy it!
WC: If you like achitecture such as building houses, controlling people, and having fun than this is the game for you!

30daysof: How could they improve this game/website/device and make it even better!
WC: I think they should change the language of the game. In the game when the sims are having a conversation, all you hear is baby talk and words that don't make any sense. I think it would be neat if they would make sims talk in English, that way it would be more exciting.


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