Friday, September 11, 2009

Remember this day, Everyday

I will always remember this day.  And not just on the 11th.  I will think of it every time I wake to peaceful skies. Every time I see a fireman and every time I look to the future.  Today support your local firefighters or police officers and say thanks for the work they do.  If you would like to support a National Charity for America's Heroes, the Charity Navigator offers the best and worst charities to support.  

Anniversary poem for September 11th.
Read before the United States Senate
by Senator John Kerry on September 4, 2002.
Written by Roger J. Robicheau ©2002
The Poetic Plumber

We mourn their loss this day this year
Those now with God, no danger near

So many loved ones left do stand
Confronting loss throughout our land

My heart goes out to those who do
No one can fathom what they view

I firmly pray for peace of mind
Dear God please help each one to find

And to our soldiers now at war
God guide above, at sea, on shore

They are the best, I have no doubt
Our country’s pride, complete, devout

The finest force you’ll ever see
All freedom grown through liberty

One final thought comes clear to me
For what must live in infamy

Absolutely - We’ll Remember
The Eleventh - Of September

©2002 Roger J. Robicheau
The Poetic Plumber


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