Sunday, July 3, 2011

Puzzled in America - A CONTEST!

This photo was created with my new favorite app Wordfoto.

CONTEST (ends July 31st)
Upload a picture of what 4th of July means to you to the 30daysof fanpage. All ages can enter and any medium can be used. The picture with the MOST LIKES (not comments) WINS.   The winning picture will be made into a puzzle. 

The "what the 4th of July contest means to me" drawing contest is a tradition we have done for over 40 years.  Every 4th of July we lay a big role of Butcher paper on the ground for the kids to color.  The adults choose the winner and the winning picture is turned into a puzzle (see below) to be put together at a family get together and or the following Fourth of July.  

Italians aren't the only ones to have passion for their country.  We Americans celebrate our country on the 4th of July with classic American food and festivities.  (see our traditional
4th of July Party Details)

This year, a new tradition will occur.  The winning picture of the drawing contest, "what 4th of July means to me" was transformed into a puzzle.  On New Years Day, the first piece of the puzzle is put together by the family and transported from gathering to gathering until complete.  (hopefully by the 4th of July)

I scanned the drawing into my computer and saved it as a .jpeg.  Then I uploaded it to KodakGallery and transformed it into a puzzle.  It came shipped in this adorable tin with the pieces broken inside.
Start a new tradition with your family by making your own puzzle and bringing it to a cabin for you all to complete.  

Bite-Size Goodies
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