Sunday, June 28, 2009


Adhering to traditions set forth by family is necessary to build character and integrity in ourselves. I believe in tradition so much, it became a focus for the  

If you are looking to begin a new tradition with your family, be prepared to follow through and be consistent for it is just like parenting. You must value the tradition and not make excuses to participate, otherwise your children will not see the value in it either. Traditions can be implemented daily, monthly, or yearly. Following is a list of 30 traditions you can start in your family. Many of these fall around a holiday and are easily planned.  I like spontaneous traditions: traditions that are created due to a feeling or because an opportunity has arisen for the moment to be shared.  

Holiday Traditions
Tree Trimming the night before Christmas
Candle Making
Fireworks Show
New Years Day Football Scrimmage

Traditional Recipes

Crafty Traditions
A day in the Life with...
Personal Lullaby
Anniversary Book

Traditional Outings
Sunday Breakfast or Thursday night Hot Wings at a favorite restaurant, Summit House
Broadway Play
Monthly Bunko
First Snow

The links for all of these will be posted shortly.  In the meantime, what are some of your family traditions?  


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