Monday, April 5, 2010

Cake Balls

The inspiration for this month's topic, Bite-Sized Goodies came from this fabulous finger food. These delectable goodies pop right in your mouth. I challenge you to eat just one. I made four flavors from two cakes.

Chocolate Cake - Choc frosting & white frosting

White Cake - Choc frosting & white frosting.


A box of your favorite cake mix.
1 jar of frosting.
1 bar of chocolate to melt
Toppings - Sprinkles, nuts, colored sugars


Bake the cake as directed on box. Once baked, shred the cake into crumbs using a fork. Add 1/2 jar of frosting and mix thoroughly. Start forming the balls. If they don't stick well, add more frosting. Put the balls in the freezer and let harden for about an hour. 
Melt your chocolate in a glass bowl atop a pot of boiling water. Take out the frozen balls and strengthen them while rolling them in your hands. (this is easier to do when they are hardened from the cold) Then roll or dunk the cake balls into the chocolate and place on parchment paper or wax paper. 
Tip:  I have all all the balls in the bowl to coat evenly and used a spoon to get out.  Best way is to skewer the balls and dip in the sauce to prevent breaking and/or fingertips.  

Sprinkle immediately with your favorite topping before the chocolate is dry.
(you can also put these on sticks and decorate like Bakerella does) Check out the Easter Pops she did. Sooooo cute!

See a list of all the Bite-sized Goodies to serve or bring to your next party.


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