Thursday, April 15, 2010

30daysof...Bite-Sized Goodies!

After eating a cake ball at a 1st birthday party (okay, after eating 4 cake balls at the party) I was inspired to focus this months topic on Bite-Sized Goodies. If you can eat just one of these appetizers and desserts you are much stronger than me. I compiled this list of my favorite finger foods to share at any event.

*recipe coming soon.

1. Pinwheels
3. Cucumber cups*
4. Pie Pops*
8. Pepperoni biscuit bites*
9. Crab Stuffed Mushrooms or Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms*
12. Cashew Haystacks
13. Pecan cookies (mexican wedding cookies)
17. Red Pepper Potato Cups*
21. Ahi Tuna Bites*
23. Cheese Bread Bowl*
24. Honey-Apple Brie bites
25. California Spring Rolls
27. Shrimp Puffs*
28. Sweet Pepper Poppers*
29. Chili Quesadillas*

No one makes more delectable bite-sized goodies than Bakerella. Check our her blog for a weekly update of new ideas for the holidays.


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