Thursday, January 13, 2011

30daysof...random acts of kindness

The holidays are over. This means most people are back to selfishly thinking about themselves...making resolutions to be fit and healthy and setting goals to be rich and successful.  It's as if the new year bell rings and we retreat back into our shells (selves).  How can we not? A jam filled month of shopping, traveling, decorating, entertaining, eating and cleaning, eventually takes its toll on the human spirit. 
NOW is always the right time to GIVE BACK TO OTHERS!

The cure for this: actually celebrate the reason for the season the whole year long.  Whether your reason is the birth of Jesus Christ or the miracle of the small cruse of pure oil that burned for eight days, respecting WHY we celebrate will fill your spirit.  Then practice acts of random kindness the rest of the year.  Here are 30 ways to give back and share all year long.  I promise you will feel like the BEST YOU by the end of the next year.

1. When someone is signaling, let them over!
2. Give your hotel amenities to a homeless shelter
3. Give your Chik-Fil-A green receipt or free meal coupon to someone who needs it
4. Leave a Lunchi note for a stranger.
5. Fill out a comment card when someone does good.  Take the survey when someone helped you.
6. Call a friend or send a personal note.  No text, no comment, no tweet.
7. Give someone your recycled bottles
8. Donate your unworn clothes to others
9. Tell a teacher thank you for their hardwork
10. Bring supplies in for the school
11. Volunteer at a school
12. Adopt a child in Africa, India, etc.
13. Deliver bread in your community
14. Bring blankets or food to a pet hospital
15. Plan a holiday neighborhood party and toy drive
16. Put money in someone's parking meter
17. Pull in a neighbors trash cans
18. When at a restaurant, buy someone a dinner without them knowing
19. Read a story to an elder or at a preschool
20. Start a meal calendar for a recovering friend
21. Do a midnight watch for a friend who just had a baby
21. Offer someone a seat - Move OVER
22. Hand out gift cards you wouldn't use to strangers.
23. Pick flowers and give them to someone you care about spontaneously
24. Give someone lessons they wouldn't otherwise take
25. Help someone move
26. Welcome someone to the neighborhood with a friendly note or box of donuts. (Boo or Jingle them)
27. Post lost pictures of an animal if you found it
28. Hug People - I mean really hug them
29. Save your change and bring it to a church so they can give it to someone who needs it.
30. Look people in the eye when you walk by them and smile!  

What are little things that you do to give back?  What has someone ever done for you that made your day?  Share it here and hopefully it will be paid forward. 

Happy New Year!


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