Sunday, January 2, 2011


Looking for a great gift to make for a special family?  Personalize a SCRABBLE BOARD with words that symbolize who they are.

1. For the UNDERWOOD family I wrote a list of memories we've shared together. 
Frank Sinatra
Balboa saloon
BBQ's, etc.

2. Cut the board so it can be framed as shown above.  Take it to your local framers and measure the size of frame and mat you would like. They should be able to cut the heavy chip board for you. 

3. Starting with their last name UNDERWOOD, I used the list to fill the board while trying to use as many tiles as possible as well as covering the majority of the board.  
Tip - if you buy two games you can share letters and make two at a time.   OR each scrabble game comes with an order form to order extra tiles. If you need an extra s, simply order ahead of time.

4. After the majority of the tiles were used, I glued them down with MOD PODGE glue. 

5. Get it matted and framed at least two weeks in advance.  If you would like to make it a table piece, put a piece of acrylic on top of it and attach it to a lazy susan. 
OR you can include a gift certificate with the completed art so they can customize it for their home.

SCRABBLE art fun craft to make and great piece of art to give to friends or family.

In the meantime, if you are a WORDS with FRIENDS player, find me...I'm BEOBI.


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