Friday, October 21, 2011

Duct Tape Zebra Party Theme

Last month we redecorated a room from toddler to tween. The look was inspired by a zebra blanket. So when the birthday party approached the decor was easy: turquoise and zebra and a little Duct Tape.
Next we had to find a place for over 60 people to be entertained (translation - not get bored if the party didn't go as planned.) The answer - A roller skate rink (THE RINKS) would be the perfect place.

(must be easy, black, white, blue, or silver)
-Birthday girls favorite candy to match color scheme - Hershey kisses, cookies and cream kisses, almond joys and York peppermint patties
-Zebra cupcakes (very time consuming but well worth the end result - See tutorial below)

Since my 12 year old is into making everything with duct tape these days, why not decorate a birthday party with duct tape? We made the words on the banner with duct tape, the flowers on the manzanita branch out of duct tape and even gave rolls of duct tape to the winners of the games. The duct tape came in most handy when the birthdays girls grandpa broke his ankle from skating. Of course only the pink polka dot pattern was left. 

The birthday girl donated a portion of her gifts to a charity of her choice - Christian Arts Theatre.
All in all it was a fun party she will remember forever. 

Want to host a turquoise zebra duct tape party theme of your own? Download these free printables to get started. (coming soon)

1. To make zebra cupcakes it is best to have a helping hand.  Otherwise give yourself alot of time and stock up on extra patience. 
2. Prepare white cake mix according to box
3. Split batter in half - add black Wilton Food Coloring to half the batter.
4. Dollop one white spoonful of batter in bottom
5. Dollop one black spoonful of batter directly on top of white dollop
6. Repeat the dolloping until the cupcake tin in half-way full.
7. Do NOT spread the batter out. When you continue to dollop the batter in the top circle the batter will continue to spread.  
8. Bake according to box directions and serve.


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