Friday, September 2, 2011

Fitness - Just Own It

My computer broke so I had no other choice than to create a new habit.  I started cleaning out areas of my home and office that I haven't dealt with in over five years (cupboards, filing cabinets, storage baskets.) I was shocked to see all the fitness items I have purchased and NEVER used.
This provided me the inspiration for get fit using all the stuff I've ever been sold.  The challenge, use one thing everyday for 30days straight. 
My diet will remain the same, which is eat anything - but just control portions (serving size) and stay around 1300 calories/day. So this means NO SECONDS, NO GRAZING, and NO LATE NIGHT SNACKS.

On the first day headed to my Boogie Box Class I started to dread this challenge.  (Notice it is only day 1)  I thought of Nike's slogan JUST DO I did.  I felt great when I was done.  Then I got home and found some peanut MnM's in our candy dish. I thought of Nike's slogan again and realized if I would JUST DO IT then at least two handfuls of MnM's would have been in my belly.  
Hence this proposition: Nike changes their famous slogan to JUST OWN IT. 

Just think about how powerful JUST OWN IT is.  You are accepting responsibility for all your choices in YOUR life - Fitness, finances, food, family relationships, friendships, and failures.  (Funny those words all start with F's.)

Here's how I see it:

Fitness - Every fit person I know works for it...they follow a routine and stick to it.  They OWN their body and how it will look.

Finances - This is big one for every individual...don't spend more than you bring in or OWN - don't borrow.  The JUST OWN IT mentality would improve our accountability issues in government and the mismanagement of corporations.  

Food - You are what you eat and if you eat it, then JUST OWN IT. Do a work out or watch your next meal.  

Family Relationships - We can't choose our family but we can control how we interact with them.  If you have upset a family member than JUST OWN IT and move on.  Don't do the same thing again.

Friendships - It takes two to make a thing go right  - so when you have hurt a friend, spouse, lover, then JUST OWN IT and say sorry.  Instead of wondering what they have done for you something for them instead.

Failures - Yeah, so you messed up, you didn't finish, you hurt someone, you FAILED.  You are not dead though.  So use your time and JUST OWN IT learning from your mistakes and helping others learn too.

The only time you should NOT JUST OWN IT is when you are using other people's hard work as your own.  That means any pictures, recipes, ideas, etc. that you take off the internet or from anyone's site is illegal.  This is called copyright infringement and is punishable by law and or lawsuit. At least link to them and give them the credit they OWN.

I will be tweeting my routine and progress everyday on twitter.  Become a Fan which inspires me to keep it up. 


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