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Feeling like a basket case because you were asked to put together a gift basket for a gift or fundraiser?  Well we know how you feel.  So here are 30 fabulous ideas to choose from and ease your mind. The secret to every basket's success is choosing a theme and collaborating with others so you minimize the cost and maximize the gift. The top five were our favorite baskets from the Wilson Charity Auction.

Spirits Around The World
Taste a sampling of world spirits without ever leaving your home. Fill a cooler with bottles of booze from each country. 
Tequila - Mexico
Vodka - Russia
Rum - Caribean
Whiskey - Ireland
Champagne - France
Saki - Japan
Jagermeister - Germany


Take Me Out To The Ball game

Seat Cushions
License Plate Frames
Beach Towels


Serenity Package / Spa Basket

Gift Certificates to a local spa
Massage Creams/ Oils
Fragranced Candles / Oils
Nail Care Set

Spoil Your Teacher
Give your special teacher this wonderful basket

Manicure/Pedicure Gift Certificate
Starbucks Gift Card 
Glue Sticks
Wall Mounting Tabs
Cricut Cartridge
Various School Supplies
An Apple
Movie Tickets

An Evening in the Orient
Only good fortune can come from this basket!

Asian Cookbook
Cooking Oils
Gift Cert to PF Changs & PickUp Sticks 
Assorted Teas
Sake Set
Fortune Cookies
Bed, Bath and Body works Japanese Blossom Hand Lotion.

Gift Card Tree
Fill the baskets with gift cards from some local stores.  

Puppy Love
For the person who has pets, fill a basket with animal treats, bones, toys, clothes, gift cert to local pet supply store.
She's Crafty
Go to your local craft store to fill this basket with art supplies, scrapbooking kits, and everything crafty.  Put a bottle of MOD PODGE glue in there!  It's the best!
He's Handy
Pick up a gift cert from the local hardware store then surround it with nails, screwdrivers, and gadgets you know he'll love.

Emergency Supplies
Everyone needs this for the home or wilderness....stock up with bandaids, gasmasks, pepper spray, neosporin, lanterns, pocket knife, cb radio, survival blanket, and a dvd of MAN vs. WILD.  
Backyard BBQ
The perfect collection for the outdoor chef in the family, mitts, aprons, thermometers, Omaha steaks gift cert, smoker, skewers, 6 pack of beer, beer chicken kit, coals, spatulas.

Breakfast Basket
Pancake mix, syrups, jams & jellies from Mrs. Knott's, Gift certificate to Panera Bread, Mickey Mouse waffle iron, Bottle of Champagne, Oranges,  Cereal Bowls. 
Scrapbooking Basket
Fill with holiday papers, decorative scissors, cricut cartridges, Epiphany Crafts Studio Shape Tool, gift cert to a local scrapbook store.
Cookie Cutter Basket
Fill this basket with cookie cutters for all the holidays, rolling pins, frostings, sprinkles, and cooking supplies such as spatulas, cookie stone, and a cute apron.  A cookbook is fun too as well as a copy of my sugar cookie recipe. 

Golf Basket
Golf balls,  Gloves, Tees, Markers, Lessons, A bucket of Balls, and a gift certificate to a local course.
Carnival Birthday Party
Everything you need for a fantastic child’s birthday celebration! (pictured left) Gift cert to a bounce house place, cotton candy machine, Grocery Store Gift Certificate.
Get Outside and Play
The kids won’t want to come inside with all these outdoor activities.  Pool noodles, paintguns, sidewalk chalk, bug catchers, magnifying glass, compass, dart guns, soccer balls and cones.

Beach Day
Boogie Boards, Coolers, Beach towels, magazines, sunscreen, chapstick, smashball, plastic cups, bike lock.

Cooking It Up
Gather  recipes and put them in a cookbook along with some of the cooking supplies and ingredients that goes with it.  Make it a theme cookbook like BUNDT CAKE recipes or CUPCAKES to make the basket even more cute.

Claim Jumper
You’ll hit the motherlode with this mining basket! An offroad adventure trip, a backpack filled with trailmix, rolos, gold coins, gold mining kits, claim jumper gift cert, water bottles.

The Lucky Purse
Choose a collection from GIGI HILL or BRIGHTON and fill the purse with goodies and the wallet with gift cards.  A few pieces of jewelry could never hurt either. 
Movie Time
Grab your popcorn and candy and get ready for some movies! Gather all the candy that you see at the concession stands and put them in the basket along with movie gift certs, neck pillows, 3d glasses, and some popcorn kernals and seasonings.
An Apple a Day
Gift card to the Apple Store, iTunes gift card, a nano, and apple accessories....fill it with an assortment of real apples, brie cheese and crackers.

Gardener’s Delight
Those with a green thumb will dig this gardening basket...seed packets, garden flags, soil mix, gloves, tools, fertilizers, buckets, gift cert to local nurseries and gardening center.  Better yet give them all the seeds to plant their own salsa bar along with a bag of chips for when it's ready.

As Seen On TV
All the insomniacs will be anxious to get a hold of these items! Go to  your local BED, Bath and Beyond and fill the baskets with the top ten items from TV.

Healthy Habits… For Life
Adopt some new habits for a healthy future! Books of fitness and healthy eating, club membership gift cert, kettle ball, weights, yoga mat, balance ball, Juice it Up gift cert, Sprouts gift cert.

Some Like it HOT!
Gather salsas, peppers, tabascos, magazines of hot guys or girls, hot cars, Sunglasses, Misters, and the movie SOME LIKE IT HOT!  

Signs of Spring
Enjoy this priceless treasure of students’ art work.  Have young artists color their favorite flower.  Then put them all together in a mosaic to be framed and sold as a work of art.


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