Monday, July 30, 2012

30daysof...the Vow

The Vow is an inspiring love story I can watch over and over! And I vow to keep a box of kleenex nearby. These are 30 things i learned from the story.

1 Always wear my seatbelt
2 Say yes when a cute guy gets the nerve to spontaneously ask you out*
3 The Chicago Art School is a place I must visit
4 I want to go into a bakery often enough to where I have a usual.
5 Vows mean everything
6 Big weddings are overrated
7 People are self serving
8 Follow your passion
9 Love like jesus loves
10 Always read the book first
11 Learn peoples tickle spots
12 Go skinnydipping once a month. With someone.
13 Don't try to change others.
14 You can only change yourself
15 Humans are not meant to be vegetarians
16 New date idea - feed eachother a box of chocolate and take pictures of the others expression
17 Love is everything
18 Write your own vows
19 Journal at least once a month
20 You can get pregnant by having sex in a car
21 The truth will always come out
22 Hats are my favorite accessory
23 Focus on what people do right in a relationship not on what they do wrong
24 There is little law in art
25 There is little art in law
26 Talk to eachother nicely
27 Parents should never let their kids walk out and lose contact
28 Family isnt always related by blood
29 If you can't laugh together than what is the point of being together.
30 Everyone in a relationship should feel what it is be gotton.


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