Saturday, June 9, 2012

Suessical the Musical

Sometimes I can't help rhyming and after seeing this play, this poem just popped into my head.

Saw Suessical the Musical
It was such a joy
About a big faithful elephant
and a thinking little boy
Gertrude is spectacular
with her one little plume
As the Cat and the Hat
makes JoJo fume

There are bunches o hunches
That glow in the dark
And that Maizy - WOW
She sure has a spark!
Birds, fish & kangaroos
All living above the land of the whos

The cast is just brilliant,
They have talent galore
it's everything you expect
from a cat show and more

This week, next week
Come see this show
It's definately one
of the places to go!

- Tricia Cohn

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