Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gift #5 - The Gift of Art

Everyone has a creative side.  For some it just takes a little more effort.  Bring out the artist in your loved ones by giving a gift they can create with.  

For ages 3 and under,  Crayola has this new set that sings as the child colors. 
They are musical markers.  To learn more, visit the link and watch the video.

For ages 3-12, get a basket or container and fill it with art and craft supplies.  Fill it up with popsicle sticks, construction papers, markers, fingerpaints, googly eyes, pipe cleaner, glue sticks, styrofoam shapes, stickers, etc. Parents and kids alike enjoy this gift as it keeps them busy on days when they have "nothing" to do. 

For ages 13- 18- adult, give a poster of their favorite singer, person, group, etc.  It is a personal gift that they can decorate their room with. A gift certificate works great if you don't want to risk getting something "uncool."  Visit allposters.com for the widest selection of posters and art.


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