Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gift #6 - Music

Music is something everyone enjoys. Now you customize your music with iTunes - (download free now) and begin making CD's for yourself with your favorite songs or transfer them to an iPod Shuffle and give it as a gift.  

Shuffles are between $49 and $69. Shuffles are engravable, available in many colors, and if you buy a red one, a portion of the money goes to help others.  Shuffles are the smallest music player Apple sells.  If you are buying for a spouse or a teenager, an iPOD is a great choice.  IPOD's play videos and connect to your home stereo, clock radio and/or car radio, eliminating the clutter of CD's.  

Feel like giving a personal song for someone who has everything? We gave a song to our 92 year old grandparents and 
it was made possible by composer, musician,  Ken Medema.
A custom song costs $150.  You complete a questionnaire, and within 3 weeks, a song will arrive at your doorstep.  We first saw Ken perform at our church.  The miracle of him is, he can compose and write songs just from hearing a story.  They are filled with soul and energy. Although he is blind, he does not lose sight of the meaning of life and his songs portray this.

Give a Custom CD of your favorite songs.  Every year for our daughters birthday party, we give the guests a CD of her favorite songs for the year.  It is a great way to record memories and share them with people.  Kids can color the CD cover, or simply print out labels from your computer with many of the existing softwares and templates available.

Sing out Loud!


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