Sunday, January 25, 2009

Resolution New You #20 - Journal it. You could be the next Stephenie Meyer

We are not vampires.  Our time passes by so quickly, and if we don't write down some of the memories - we'll be to old to remember.  So start journaling now.  Sometimes a thought comes to you that you aren't sure what it means.  Out gut instinct tells us it is something important but we usually let daily activities occupy and take over our ideas.  Luckily that is not the case with Stephenie Meyer, author of The Twilight Series.  She had a dream about our beloved vampire, Edward (pictured left).  She woke up and started to write it down.  

Your ideas and journal entries might not turn into a major motion picture, but to your kids, you are the creator, producer, director, editor, and star of their movie.  There are times when our kids just overwhelm us with love.  The things they say, how quickly they learn, how full our hearts feel just because of the way they giggled when they see something ordinary to us, but new and exciting to them.  Record those emotions.  Keep your journal in your purse, in your car, and write it down.   I guarantee they will want to know about it when they are older, for you are their biggest fan.
If you take a lot of vacations or enjoy traveling, there are two ways to journal your trip.  First the old-fashion way is to journal it.  For two centuries, legendary artists, writers, intellectuals, and travelers have used the brandname journals titled, Moleskine.  My favorite are the Moleskine City Books.  With almost 40 different cities to choose from, these are a great gift to give to a future traveler. The second way is to photo-journal your vacation.  Have you seen the the latest version of iPhoto?  It incorporates a new  technology called GPS - Geo-tagging. GPS Geotagging is the process whereby GPS coordinates are used to tag digital photographs in a way that identifies the location where the photograph was taken. Check out the latest demo from Apple to see how iPhone users and photographers can make journaling easier than ever.  Facebook users will want to see this as well.  
Speaking of Facebook, it could be considered a journaling method as well.  One friend uploaded a picture of her son's homework assignment in which he used inappropriate words to fill in the blanks. How many times have your kids brought home a homework assignment that made you laugh. Journal it and record the memory.


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