Wednesday, April 1, 2009

30 days of...Making Money Your Way

My idea of the ultimate life is to make money doing what you love.  For the month of April, the 30 days is featuring home businesses to help inspire you to make money YOUR way.  

The remedy for creating a successful business person is not available by prescription...if it were pharmacuetical companies would be even wealthier.  I have found that the people whom I deem the most successful have passion for what they sell, they do it with integrity, and they are persistent and tenacious.  

I interviewed 30 different home businesses owners and asked them the same questions about their product or service.  The businesses range from services such as prepaid legal services to products lines such as drinks, vitamins, candles or jewelry. I was shocked to learn all the various products out there.  May you be inspired by one of these businesses and start making money YOUR way!



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